The mission of the Center for Lifecycle and Innovation Management (CLIM) is to serve as an inter-disciplinary Center for the development of international research on and the dissemination and education of the use of Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) concepts, processes, and practices in industry.


The objective of the CLIM is to become the preeminent independent source of expertise and knowledge regarding the development and use of PLM, to assist in setting the direction and standards of PLM, and educate and train organizations in the concepts and capabilities of people, processes, practices, and technologies as it pertains to PLM.


CLIM perform the following functions and activities:

  1. Engage in structuring and defining technical, social, and policy issues surrounding the development and use of PLM. Such activities include the production of articles in academic and industry periodicals, seminars on PLM topics and sub-topics, presentations at industry and academic events, and engaging in dialogue with industry and academic experts.
  2. Engage in research projects and case studies into the development and use of PLM within industry settings.
  3. Develop and deliver executive and technical education.
  4. Develop a library of web-based PLM briefing topics, and video presentations describing and framing out issues relevant to PLM.
  5. Develop a PLM web-based Resource Center, consisting of research and white papers, PLM briefing topics, PLM presentations, and a collaborative messaging / discussion area, hosted by industry and faculty resources.
  6. Organize executive and managerial seminar and round table sessions with both industry and academia participation, to discuss PLM conceptual, developmental, and implementation issues
  7. Assist academic units in understanding, developing, and integrating PLM into undergraduate and graduate courses.

Dr. Abram Walton

Director, Associate Professor

Dr. Abram Walton

Dr. Abram Walton is an Associate Professor of Technology Management and Innovation at Florida Tech. He received his Ph.D. and M.S. in Technology and Innovation Management from Purdue University. Before his academic life, he was a Fire Fighter and EMT, and he later held leadership positions as a Manager of Wal-Mart Stores. He is a co-founder of the International Journal of Innovation Science, an academic journal cited by most major indexing organizations and available at thousands of libraries throughout the world. Dr. Walton has authored numerous publications, conference proceedings, and his textbooks on Leadership and Management have sold over 15,000 copies. Dr. Walton serves on the Executive Committee for the Board of Directors for the International Association of Innovation Professionals. He is the Director of the Center for Lifecycle and Innovation Management at Florida Tech, as well as for the Center for Ethics and Leadership, and was instrumental in launching the new B.S. and M.S. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

In addition to his academic pursuits, he is the Principal of a boutique technology commercialization consulting firm, serves as a Senior Consultant of Systems Engineering to the COO of a DOD firm specializing in counter-IED technologies, and enjoys dabbling in real estate investments. He has recently been a Fellow for the National Intellectual Property and Knowledge Management Task force and serves as a consultant for an Intellectual Property and Patent Management Organization (PMO). He frequently consults on a variety of topics, including leadership, lean process improvement, six sigma, innovation strategies, technology commercialization, product lifecycle management, and new product development. He has successfully helped launch several new technology ventures and works with companies on early-stage technology commercialization efforts, new product development, and leadership development.

As an Associate Professor of Technology and Innovation at the Florida Institute of Technology, his research efforts focus on impacting technology-sensitive industries by creating sustainable, lean business models through the deployment of innovative continuous improvement methodologies. He takes a unique systems-thinking approach to innovation and technology, lean, healthcare, and product lifecycle management, which has cultivated multi-disciplinary collaborations, generating research and scholarship on innovative organizational strategies and best practices for engineering and innovation initiatives.


Dr. Michael W. Grieves

Co-Director, Research Professor

Dr. Michael W. Grieves

Dr. Michael Grieves splits his time between the business and academic worlds. He is the author of the seminal books on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): “Product Lifecycle Management: Driving the Next Generation of Lean Thinking” (McGraw-Hill, 2006) and Virtually Perfect: Driving Innovative and Lean Products through Product Lifecycle Management” (SCP, 2010).

Dr. Grieves is an acknowledge world expert in PLM and lectures world-wide on engineering, manufacturing, and PLM in both industry and academia conferences. In addition to his books, Dr. Grieves has numerous publications and articles. Dr. Grieves consults with a number of leading international manufacturers and governmental organizations such as NASA.

Dr. Grieves has been a Co-Director of the Purdue PLM Center of Excellence, where he still participates, and served as a Visiting Professor at the Purdue University College of Technology. Dr. Grieves has also been affiliated with the Eller School of Business MIS Department at the University of Arizona, where he was designated Director – Industry Research for the MIS Department and Director, Information Technology Industry Research Center (ITIRC) at the University of Arizona. He served on the advisory board for the MIS department.

Dr. Grieves is Chairman Emeritus of Oakland University’s School of Business Board of Visitors. He has taught in the United States, China, and Europe at the university senior undergraduate, and graduate school levels and has authored and taught executive education courses. Dr Grieves is a Professor at CIMBA University, Asolo, Italy with an appointment at the University of Iowa. He also has an appointment as Research Professor at the Florida Institute of Technology.

Dr. Grieves is a founder and Chairman of Interactive Frontiers, Inc. the world leader in golf and sport instructional software, Dr. Grieves has over thirty years experience in the computer and data communications industry. He has been a senior executive at both Fortune 1000 companies and entrepreneurial organizations during his career. He founded and took public a $100 million systems integration company and subsequently served as its audit and compensation committee chair. Dr. Grieves has substantial board experience, including serving on the board of public companies in both China and Japan.

Dr. Grieves has a BSCE from Michigan State University and an MBA from Oakland University. He received his doctorate from the Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management.